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UK Student Visa

Students planning to join academic programs in the UK need to apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa.
Visa application process
The following steps are to be followed for visa application:-
  1. Obtain CAS from a licensed Tier 4 sponsor:The University or college would provide a reference number called Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies along with an unconditional offer for a place on a course.
  2. Fill the visa application form, pay the fee:The application needs to be completed and fees paid online, followed by submission of biometrics and required documentation
  3. Schedule an appointment and Submit biometrics, photographs at VAC:Visit the designated VAC to get biometrics and photographs taken
  4. Collect passport and biometric residence permit (BRP):After a successful decision on the application, the passport with a stamped visa would be provided. BRP needs to be collected after arrival in the UK either at the named post office branch or from the sponsor(based on what was specified opted for during the application) within 10 days of arrival in the UK.
Students enrolling for programs of less than six months duration can apply for the short term study visa. Students studying an English course can stay on for an additional period not exceeding 11 months.

Visa application costs
For typical degree programs that are longer than six months duration, Visa fees charged by the Government are£348. For short term study visa, the application fees are £97 for a 6 months visa and £186 for an eleven-month visa In addition, VFS offers optional premium service for a fee to expedite and simplify visa application through the VAC(Visa Application Center). Visit the VFS site for details on the premium services and charges.
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