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Overview of Bangor University

Bangor University, the fruitful result of a campaign against the lack of higher education provision in Wales was founded in 1884 as University College of North Wales. Initially, it was funded by the local people, including quarrymen and farmers who voluntarily gave their earnings for this educational establishment. Ever since Bangor University has excelled in providing its students with a high-quality education. In 2009 the university started giving out degrees in its current name after receiving degree awarding powers. 

With over 300 undergrad and 100 postgraduate programs, Bangor University allows its students to specialize in their specific area of interest with multiple elective options. As a commendation to its top of the line research department over three-quarters of Bangor’s research received world recognition as ‘world-leading’ or ‘internationally excellent’ in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework.

Performance Highlights

Bangor University is the recipient of many prestigious awards and top-ranking spots not only in education but also in employment, student life and student satisfaction. Currently mentoring over 12000 students, Bangor University ranked in the top ten UK universities for student satisfaction in the National Student Survey (NSS 2019) for the third consecutive year.

Bangor University has an exceptional education system and top placement records, with over 89% of its passed-out students placed in highly satisfactory jobs. It is important to note that multiple scholarships are available for all international students to meet the Bangor University fee. Many Indian students find this helpful in experiencing independent student life more productively. 

Standing by its motto, “The Best Gift is Knowledge” Bangor University gives the students top of the line education, making them world-class professionals. With highly experienced professors, top of the line facilities and intellectual peers, every student will have the best opportunity to explore and develop. 

Bangor University Courses

Bangor University courses comprise of over 300 Undergraduate and 100 Postgraduate courses across multiple academic centres in its three colleges:

  • College of Arts, Humanities and Business
  • College of Environmental Sciences and Engineering
  • College of Human Sciences.

There are also tailor-made foundation courses for international students that help them assimilate to the culture, educational methods, and subjects. 

Bangor University Ranking

Bangor University National Ranking
The Complete University Guide (2020)83
The Guardian 2020 University Ranking78
The Times University Guide (2020)70

Bangor University World Ranking
QS 2020 World University Ranking#521-530
Academic Ranking of World Universities#601-700
Times Higher Education University Ranking (2020)#401-500

Other recognitions

  • Rated Gold in the Teaching and Excellence Framework, a Government league table with an emphasis on teaching quality and student satisfaction.
  • Ranked in the top 15 in the latest National Student Survey of UK.
  • Ranked in the top 40 for research by Research Excellence Framework.
  • Whatuni Student Choice Award for the ‘Best Clubs and Societies’ for the years (2017-19)
  • Ranked in the top 5 in the UK for Student Accommodation.


Accounting and Banking BSc (Hons) - Undergraduate
Accounting and Economics BSc (Hons) - Undergraduate
Accounting and Finance BSc (Hons) - Undergraduate
Accounting/Italian (4 years) BA (Hons) - Undergraduate
Accounting/Spanish (4 years) BA (Hons) - Undergraduate
Adventure Sport Science MSci - Postgraduate
Bilingualism MA (Hons) - Postgraduate
Biology MBiol - Postgraduate
Biology with Biotechnology MBiol - Postgraduate
Computer Systems Engineering MEng (Hons) - Postgraduate
What do I Need to Get in
For UG Courses
For PG Courses

Bangor University is located in one of the smallest cities in the UK with a population of only a little over 15000 people. This, in many cases, helps the students have an intimate feeling towards the city as if it is a big family. This amiable and welcoming city has also ranked as the #1 for lowest cost of living for students by Totally Money in 2019. Thus, making it one of the best places for a student to live independently.

Set on the North Coast of Wales between the Snowdonia Mountains and the Irish Sea, Bangor is the perfect place to explore and be adventurous. The different terrains around this place make it apt for various outdoor activities like hiking, water sports and mountain biking. Less physical yet soulful activities like admiring a truly heavenly scenery are made possible by the iconic Main Arts Building. The raised site of this building also gives the university its nickname, “The College on the Hill”.

The public transportation makes it very convenient for the students to explore the rest of Europe. Cities like London, Manchester, Crewe and Cardiff are connected directly via train. After exploring, one can come back home to the university by taking a bus or a ferry too.

On the whole, this is a beautiful, friendly and cheap place where a student can discover themselves, improve and excel — all while having the time of their life. 

Student Life

Bangor University is a home away from home. Consistently praised by all its students, it is one of the friendliest universities of UK. Through the Peer Guiding Scheme, senior students mentor the new students for the first few weeks until they get used to the place. Once the students get the hang of the area, there are over 150 clubs and societies they can explore ranging for musical theatre to archery. It is important to note that the university has won the student Choice awards by Whatuni for these societies. 

The university also encourages its students to develop a close relationship with the local community through its Student Volunteering Bangor (SVB) Department. Known for being one of the closest-knit welcoming places in the UK, it is guaranteed that the students will have an enriching and serine experience inside and outside the university.


Bangor University Accommodation ranked among the top 5 in the UK is always readily welcoming all of its students. All the halls of residences are walking distance from the university and provide the students with a wide range of amenities like lounges, studios, kitchens, cafes, shops, common rooms, sports and fitness facilities. The commercial services Department of the university also provides additional services for the student’s comfort.


The university also helps students focus on their future job prospects through their Skills and Employability Service. Currently, over 89% of passed out students are either pursuing higher education or are employed. This Service guides the students in all aspects of work, be it a part-time job taken up while studying, volunteering, internship or a full-time job after completion of the degree. The B- Enterprising Programme of the University guides entrepreneurs to take their budding business ideas to make a fully functional business.

Be it surfing on the beautiful beaches or studying in the historical library; a student is sure to have a homelike environment to grow and be the best.


Bangor University Under graduation – IELTS score: 5.5

Bangor University Postgraduation – IELTS score: 6.0

Other educational qualification will vary based on the chosen course. Feel free to contact our Educational Consultants for further clarifications and more information.

Foundation Courses

If an international student doesn’t meet the requirements, these set of courses will come to aid. Bangor University has tailor-made courses to help international students in areas like English and Study skills, while also helping them blend in and feel at home in the foreign land. 

  • Danny Boyle- Film Director and Producer (Academy Award Winner)
  • Paul Bérenger- Former Prime Minister of Mauritius.
  • Bill Fay- Singer, Musician and Recording artist
  • Tim Haines- BBC producer
  • John Ogwen- Actor
  • Williams Parry- Poet
  • Frances Barber – Actress
  • Clin Eaborn – Renowned Chemist
  • Sir Robert Edwards – Noble Prize Winner 
Fun Facts
  • Bangor University is located in Bangor's not - so-sleepy Welsh town. Bangor is definitely a student town with only 15,000 local inhabitants but more than 15,000 students.
  • The University's announcement got over 800 likes and 350 shares on Facebook when Security Cat passed away and the RIP Security Cat website has nearly 2000 likes.
  • Ydych chi'n siarad Cymraeg? Everything in the university, and I mean everything, is bilingual. If you want to put up a poster then it must be in Welsh and English; if you send a mass e-mail it has to be bilingual. Even everything you get from the University is bilingual, including the ceremony of graduation.
  • When learners arrive, they are often told that for the 30,000 individuals (approx.), there are more than 50 pubs and three nightclubs. While this may not be completely precise, the sheer amount of pubs can definitely not be noticed. There are five pubs in a 200 m stretch of Holy Head Road alone. There's plenty of selection in Bangor, whether you want a Greek Taverna or an Irish Bar.
  • The Main Arts building of Bangor University looks like Hogwarts. Interestingly enough, RAG Bangor holds a Harry Potter feast in the main hall.

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