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Overview of University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is one of the most reputed Universities in the UK. Being the fourth oldest University in the English-speaking world, it started the educational journey in 1451 by the Papal Bull. Ever since it has been producing world-class professionals through its top of the line professors and educational system.

Glasgow is the proud alma mater of many exceptional and successful professionals including seven noble price winners, a prime minister and the countries first female medical graduates. Located in the second-largest city in Scotland, it now houses over 26,000 students from 120 countries, scoring high on the diversity scale as well.

Performance Highlights

As it is ranking in the top 100 universities of the world, it stands to be the first choice of many international students. The University also has partnerships with other major universities around the world, aiding in increasing educational quality worldwide. It is the founding member of reputable international groups like the Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities and Universitas. It is also a member of the prestigious Russel Group raising its prominence in the UK.


University of Glasgow Acceptance Rate

University of Glasgow acceptance rate and how hard it is to get accepted?

Though the admission process is rigorous, the University of Glasgow’s acceptance rate is an encouraging 74.3%. In addition to this there several scholarships available for international students to support them.


The University of Glasgow offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in several specializations under the following schools.

  • College of Arts
  • College of Science and Engineering
  • College of Medical Veterinary and Life Science
  • College of Social Sciences

For the benefit of International students, Glasgow international college has degree preparation classes for students aspiring to pursue undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses. This preparatory class will comprise of training in English, study skills and core subject basics. It will also be a fruitful opportunity for students to experience the new culture and explore university life before they start their degree course.


The University of Glasgow ranks high in many esteemed rankings and has bagged multiple awards including,

  • The Times University Guide (2020) – #16
  • The Guardian University Guide (2020) – #14
  • QS World University Ranking (2020) – #67
  • European Teaching Rankings (2019) – #18
  • The Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2020) – #99
  • European Teaching Rankings (2019) – #18
  • QS World University by subject Ranking – #12
  • Graduate Employability Rating – #131-140
  • CWTS Leiden (2019) – #60



Accountancy BAcc (Hons) - Undergraduate
Accountancy with Finance BAcc (Hons) - Undergraduate
Accountancy with International Accounting BAcc (Hons) - Undergraduate
Accountancy with Languages BAcc (Hons) - Undergraduate
Accountancy/Economics BAcc (Hons) - Undergraduate
Aeronautical Engineering MEng (Hons) - Postgraduate
Aerospace Systems MEng (Hons) - Postgraduate
Ancient History MA (Hons) - Postgraduate
Ancient History/Archaeology MA (Hons) - Postgraduate
Ancient History/Celtic Civilisation MA (Hons) - Postgraduate
What do I Need to Get in
For UG Courses
6.5(6.0)reading writing(6.5)
For PG Courses

As the second-largest city of Scotland with a peaceful countryside and a vibrant city side, Glasgow has the best of both the worlds. Glasgow is one of the most popular UK cities for visitors according to the Office of National Statistics. With over 130 music events every week, more than 20 museums and art galleries, it is a place where art thrives. This added with the beautiful architecture, international festivals, over 90 parks and public gardens make it a place of never-ending activities.

Two campuses of the University of Glasgow are located in the west end of Glasgow about 3 miles from the city, and the third one is located in the south end of the city. Frequent bus and subway transport options are connecting the campuses and the city. These bus and train services are very convenient for students to explore the localities. Glasgow International Airport and Glasgow Prestwick International Airport connect the place with the rest of the UK and the world. This is very apt for those looking to explore beyond Glasgow.

Time out places Glasgow in the list of top places to shop in the UK outside London. Ranging from big named brands, small sensational boutiques, one can buy to meet all ends of desire in this city. With more green space per head of the population than any other European city, it is sure to satisfy the nature lovers.

Exceptionally comfortable for Indian students, Glasgow is a cultural mixing pot with strong influences from Indian Heritage with over 10,500 Indian residence. The friendly locals and multiple activity choices satisfy any person making Glasgow one of the best student cities in the world.

Student Life

The University of Glasgow pushes students to take up their passion for changing the world and backs them up to achieve that dream. The same support and guidance are given to international students as well, with a little more service to help them assimilate and succeed. A welcome team receives all the international students at the Airport and shows them around, so they get the hang of the place. This is followed by orientation programs that introduce the international students to the University and its vicinity.

Accommodation and other services

All international students have guaranteed accommodation provided through the Glasgow international students accommodation service. There are over 3,500 self-caring rooms near the University. All necessary amenities for living, studying, and recreation are made available for students, including beds, study areas, common areas, and kitchen. One key highlight of the University is their Future world-changers program where the University helps the students to change the world for the better.

95.9% of Glasgow’s students are either placed in the right positions or are pursuing higher education. This is made possible through the immense support that the University provides. Services like career guiding, internship hubs, counselling and psychological services make the student’s life smooth. Individual international student support is also given to international students to handle their choirs regarding things like visas.

To aid with self-study, the University has a Library with over 2 million books and 20000 journals for the reference of the students. Other services include It service, English academy study, University nursery and Student services enquiry Team.


The University of Glasgow gives equal importance to extracurricular activities as well. There are over 130 societies and clubs the students can explore and join. Apart from this, many events are conducted year-round including, Media week and Raising and Giving week.

There are more than 700 bars, pubs and nightclubs near the University. Students can also have a great social life as they study to excel. Comedy clubs are also a top attraction for laughs and entertainment. The local city, Kelvinbridge, is listed as one of the top 50 coolest neighbourhoods in the world, making it ideal for students. No matter what preference a student might have, Glasgow, will entertain them.


Glasgow is the proud Alma mater of a big line of very successful and accomplished alumni including 7 Nobel laureates, three British Prime Ministers and,

  • James Wilson (Founding Father of the US)
  • Steven Moffat (Television writer)
  • Adam Smith (Economist)
  • Lord Kelvin (Physicist)
  • Peter Capaldi (Actor)
  • James Watt (Inventor)
  • Andrew Neil (Journalist)
Fun Facts
  • Glasgow University, considered to be one of the world's pantheons of education, came into existence eleven years after the printing press was created. The German inventor, Johannes Guttenberg, unveiled the first working printing press, which signalled the birth of mass communication in 1440. It is literally the birth of the information in the western world.
  • In 1933, Albert Einstein, in charge of the development of 20th-century physics, received an honorary degree from Glasgow University. He gave a lecture to an audience of 1500, and as Einstein advanced, he was applauded in Bute Hall.
  • The name Glasgow translates to “Dear Green Place” in Gaelic.
  • John Logie Baird, the inventor of Television, studied at the University of Glasgow.

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