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International Student Checklist for Studying in the UK

June 29, 2017

International Student Checklist for Studying in the UK

Before you leave to go study in the UK, you need to make sure that you’ve got everything in order.

If you’re preparing to travel to the UK to attend university, consider this your final checklist.

Do you have confirmation of your course place?

You can’t do anything unless you’ve got your official confirmation of your acceptance onto your course from your university. Check all the details are correct. Is it the course you applied for? Is it the correct university? Is the start date for the right year? Triple check everything and even ask your study abroad advisor to take a look at all the details for you.

Do you have somewhere to live?

Before you travel to the UK, you need to arrange accommodation for yourself. Whether you live in university halls on campus, a house share with other students or even a homestay with a family in the UK, your living arrangements need to be finalised before you step on the plane. Most international students find it easier and simpler to live in student accommodation on campus for at least their first year.

Do you have the correct visa and passport?

For international students from outside the EU, a visa is required which grants you permission to live and study in the UK. Failure to have this visa will mean you won’t be let into the country so it’s very important. Your study abroad specialist advisor will be able to ensure you have the correct student visa. You must also ensure you have a valid passport before travelling.

Do you have a method of paying your tuition fees?

The cost for international students to study in the UK is more than it is for UK students. Sorting out a payment plan for your tuition fees is something you need to do before you arrive. Find out whether there are sponsorships or discounts available to you to make it easier to fund your university course. Usually, you will have to pay the first installment of your tuition fee to secure your place on your course.

Have you looked at UK bank accounts?

It’s advisable to take a look at UK bank accounts before you arrive in the UK. This will make it easier for you to open an account once you arrive. Opening a bank account whilst you’re studying gives you more financial security and will be essential if you decide to get a part-time job.

Do you have insurance and healthcare?

International students from outside the EU have to pay a surcharge for using healthcare whilst you are in the UK. The fee is normally paid with your visa application and it entitles you to use of the UK’s NHS service whilst you’re studying. The fee is usually around £150 but it’s best to check with your study abroad advisor. It’s advisable to get travel insurance before you come to the UK and also insurance on your personal belongings once you are here.

Once you’ve ticked everything off your list, you’re ready to study in the UK!