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How Do I Apply for a PhD in UK?

The PhD is the highest level of degree certificate any student can achieve, and with its reputation for excellent PhD courses and facilities many international students are choosing the United Kingdom as their first choice for a PhD application. But what are the criteria for potential PhD students in the UK, and how might an international student begin to apply?\r\n (more…)

9 Things To Do Before Starting University In The UK

For international students arriving in the UK, we know that this can often be a nervous and exciting time in your life. You must remember to enjoy the whole experience...

Job Hunting in the UK? 8 tips for International Graduates

We understand that it can often be difficult to find your dream job after several years of university education. This pressure can be even worse if you are planning to...

Spotlight on UK universities: Liverpool and Merseyside

Last month we put the spotlight on our local Manchester universities to give our students a better insight into higher education in our home city. This month we’re going slightly West and focusing on our Liverpool cousins! (more…)

Manchester dialect and idioms – our local words and phrases explained

If you’re planning on studying abroad in Manchester, then there’s a few linguistic tips and insights we’d like to share with you before you arrive! While our city is a wonderful, student-friendly metropolis, like every city around the world, we have some unusual local words and phrases. For those of us who grew up in Manchester, these phrases are widely understood, but when we stop and think about it, we actually come out with some really strange things! (more…)

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