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Spotlight on UK Universities: Manchester & Salford

Welcome to our brand new ‘spotlight’ series! This is where we talk about local and UK-wide universities and sum up the key facts that prospective students need to...

How is teaching and learning time structured at UK universities?

When we speak to international students studying in the UK, we are often pleased to hear that they find university tutors very friendly and approachable. In their home countries, students can find that their teachers are very professional, yet formal in their approach. It can be quite a shock when university tutors in the UK ask you to call them by their first names! (more…)

Interesting facts about studying in the UK – some may surprise you!

The UK might only be comparatively small, but there’s an awful lot going on! With over 100 universities, and many additional colleges offering higher education...

Student safety in Manchester

There’s no doubt about it, Manchester is an exciting place to be a student. We have three renowned universities, a buzzing social scene and plenty to appeal to culture...

Where can I find information about universities in the UK?

If you’re already studying an English language course in the UK, then you’re lucky enough to have most British universities just a train ride away.\r\n\r\nOur little island makes university open-day trips easy (and relatively cheap) when you travel off-peak and us Mancunians are generally quite proud of the fact that it only takes around 2 hours to get down to London! (more…)

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