Ready to Study Abroad In The UK? Here’s How to Prepare Fully

You’re probably full of a combination of excitement and nerves right now, as you get ready to study abroad in the UK. Now you just need to prepare yourself fully for the big trip ahead.
Of course you’ll need to get the obvious important stuff out of the way first, such as your visa, passport, flights and accommodation etc. But we wanted to go through all the others aspects of getting yourself fully prepared for your studies in a new country. So, here we go…

Pay a visit to the doctor

It’s always a good idea to visit your doctor before you leave to live in another country for a while, just to check that you’re in physically good health before departing. Don’t forgot to bring a copy of your medical records with you, in case of emergency.

If you happen to suffer from a medical condition that requires prescription drugs, then you need to consider bringing enough with you to last your entire time abroad in the UK, if that’s a possibility.

Don’t forget the travel insurance

During your studies abroad it’s really important that you have reliable health and accident insurance in place. Obviously you don’t want something to happen, but it can do, meaning you’ll need suitable coverage to protect both you and your belongings. The right kind of travel insurance should cover you if your flight is cancelled or delayed, your luggage is lost, your belongings are stolen, or cover you in the event of an evacuation due to a health emergency or natural disaster.

Pack some things from home

No matter how much you’re enjoying student life in the UK, ame point you will feel a little homesick; missing your loved ones and life back home. This is to be expected, but don’t worry – it will fade the more you settle in with your studies and new friends. We recommend bringing something with you from home, such as some pictures, your pillow or bedding, or perhaps your favourite book. Anything that makes you feel connected with your home, as this will make you feel better whenever you’re missing it.

Stay in contact with family and friends

Speaking of home, it’s important that you maintain some contact with your friends and family. It’s wonderful to meet new like-minded people during your time studying abroad in the UK, however scheduling the odd call home every few weeks will keep you feeling connected. You can make use of free video calls over Wi-Fi from using Skype or WhatSapp, so that you won’t eat into your student budget.

Bring the right clothing

Remember the UK will likely have a very different climate compared to home, so it’s essential that you pack the right clothing. For example, if you’re coming from a place with generally hot weather and suddenly you’re facing the sometimes colder, rainy days of a UK city, then you’ll need a thick coat and appropriate footwear to cope with the low temperatures.

Mentally prepare yourself

It’s important to realise that student life abroad isn’t always going to be easy. Think of it as an exciting journey, where you’ll experience a new culture and come into contact with people with  different concepts and attitudes. Don’t be judgmental, instead apply yourself to learning about their cultures and in turn you will likely enrich your understanding of your own culture. Remember that you’re not going to be totally comfortable right away, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself. It’s perfectly fine to be unsure about things, miss home or feel a little down once in a while. It’s all part of your journey studying abroad.
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