Tips For International Students Studying During Winter

Whether you’re an international student who has started a foundation course in the UK, or you’ve recently enrolled on a English language course in the UK – you’ll soon be faced with increasingly colder and icier days as the winter months set in.  
Whatever the reason you have chosen to study abroad in the UK, it’s important that you prepare yourself for the winter conditions. It can be tempting to stay cosy in bed and eat comfort food as the days grow darker, but as a student preparing for exams and more, this won’t be an option.
So, with this in mind, we’ve put together some top tips for international students studying during winter in the UK…

Pick your best personal study time

When winter comes around, the days are both shorter and darker, so it helps to work out what time of day you tend to absorb information better. You can try this by studying at various times throughout each day, then look back and decide what time worked best for you, and allowed you to take in as much information as possible.
Make sure that in between your study times, you take advantage of the sun whenever its out, as this will both improve your mood and regulate your immune system, as you absorb Vitamin D.

Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

During winter your body will naturally feel more tired, as it starts to crave some warmth and comfort away from the cold air. For any students the temptation to sleep all day and procrastinate will be higher than usual in winter, so keeping your energy levels up is essential.
Sleep is of course hugely important for maintaining your energy throughout the day, and ideally you should be aiming for around 8 hours a night as a student. Even if you can’t always hit this  figure, it’s more important to maintain a regular schedule and sleeping pattern. This way you won’t feel like dozing off during the day.

Start eating healthier

It’s not always easy to keep up with a healthy diet when you’re in the middle of your studies, but winter time can make it even more important to eat the right foods. The instinct is certainly there to order in an unhealthy takeaway, because this is quick and easy. However, if you make time to put more vitamins and minerals into your body, it will be able to function much more efficiently.
By feeding your brain more nutrients, you’ll essentially by fuelling it up to better process and absorb information during your studies. Try to start preparing meals in advance, as this will improve your time management, and be sure to stock up on fruits to snack on.

Always find time to exercise

It’s essential that you find the time to exercise during your schedule, to not only give your body and mind a break from your studies, but to maintain your overall health and fitness. Plenty of gyms offer student deals and discounts, but if you don’t want to hit the gym, you could simply go for a jog, or participate in a sporting activity with your fellow students.
Look out for upcoming activities on your student notice board or social media pages. As the days grow colder and darker, getting a good amount of exercise will also help to relax your mind, leaving you with positive thoughts during your studies.
Don’t the let the winter months affect your studies, look after yourself and the positive results will follow.
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