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Student Travel Insurance For Study Abroad

Just like health, travel can be unpredictable as well. If you have a financial emergency arising out of your journey,
then travel insurance can come to the rescue

Travel Insurance

Depending on your policy, all travel-related risks can be covered such as loss of baggage, loss of important documents like your passport, or even medical emergencies during your trip. Check with IEC Abroad to get a travel insurance policy that will keep you safe and covers you for the most unanticipated expenses.

If you are going abroad to pursue your higher education, then it is best to buy travel insurance that covers the broadest of unpredictable financial risks. Flying abroad involves risks for students, and to add to that an unlucky accident may even lead to emergency hospitalisation. To avoid these unprecedented expenses, it is better to get travel insurance, which provides financial backup in the event of any untoward occurrence. Students’ travel insurance covers several out-of-pocket expenses such as loss of checked-in baggage, emergency medical attention due to an accident or an existing condition, tuition fees and bail bonds, delay or cancellation of the flight, loss of passport and other such unforeseen events.

Our Top 5 Reasons to get Student Travel Insurance

Simply put, student travel insurance protects you from most contingencies.

Health Protection

You must take a few minutes to understand your needs when you are going to a foreign country. Especially because healthcare abroad can be very expensive. At the same time, treating yourself on time can save you a lot of money, which otherwise means deterioration of health and eventual hospitalization. For those who stay abroad for longer periods, may feel unwell due to altered climatic conditions, food habits, water, and other factors. Huge medical bills will only add to your already high cost of living, which can be easily
handled if you get a student travel insurance.


Before you obtain your student visa, it is important to buy an Overseas Health Cover or OSHC to study and live in Australia. For the entire duration of your stay, it is best to stay covered for your doctors’ visits, hospital isation, emergency ambulance, and prescription medications. IEC Abroad offers comprehensive guidance about college student health care insurance that comes with exclusive benefits, speedy turnarounds, and value for money.

Comprehensive medical protection

There are lots of other inclusions in the student travel insurance as well such as:

    Outpatient and inpatient care
  • Coverage for medical evacuation
  • In case you fall seriously ill, a compassionate travel allowance is provided to one of your family members
  • Coverage for any pre-existing medical conditions
  • Repatriation of mortal remains upon your death
  • Coverage for medical expenses incurred due to disability, or hospitalisation
  • Cancer checks, mammography, etc. are also covered
  • Coverage available for treatment of neural disorders, drug abuse, etc.

Journey and stay-related coverage

Student travel insurance plans offer other advantages, but medical insurance benefits are one of the main things to look out for. Journey-related issues are also covered such as lost passport, delayed or lost baggage, missing a connecting flight and much more. You may also seek coverage for personal liability as well, where expenses due to injury to a third party or their property are caused by you. There may be thousands of dollars required in compensation when the accident is your fault.

Specific benefits for students

Students, particularly, get three of the most important benefits with student travel insurance.

Sponsorship protection: The insurance company reimburses your tuition fee for the rest of the period of your education, in the event of the sudden death of your sponsor.

Tuition fee waiver: Also known as study interruption compensation, your tuition fees (for the remaining part) are reimbursed if you are unable to continue your studies due to medical repatriation or a terminal illness.

Bail Bonds: If you are falsely arrested, wrongfully detained by the police or any foreign government or power, or if you get into trouble with the law, then student travel insurance comes handy. This is especially useful in countries where street violence and lawlessness are rampant.

The need for student travel insurance

You are probably living alone, when you are studying abroad. There are possibilities that things could go wrong. Therefore, it is extremely important to obtain backup to tackle the situation. Most of the contingencies are covered by the travel insurance policy carefully, which would otherwise cost you quite a bit.


Neutralise travel-related risks when you are a student staying abroad and pursuing your higher education. While the exact nature of the coverage varies across different providers, here are some of the basic elements offered

Medical emergencies
Neutralise travel-related risks when you are a student staying abroad and pursuing your higher education. While the exact nature of the coverage varies across different providers, here are some of the basic elements offered
Dental treatments
If you have an injury or acute pain, then dental treatment expenses get reimbursed.
Permanent Disability
When you are permanently disabled due to an accident, then a pre-decided amount is received by the injured student’s family as compensation.
Accidental death
The family of the deceased receives a pre-ordained compensation in the event of an accidental death.
Medical Evacuation
Expenses incurred when repatriating the insured student back to origin country - the reimbursed amount is pre-decided, or the actual cost is provided.
Checked-in Luggage Loss
Personal documents and luggage when checked into the common carrier are lost, then a replacement is provided for all lost and damaged articles along with some reimbursement.
Checked-in Luggage Delayed
An amount is offered to buy fresh clothes and toiletries in case the arrival of the luggage is delayed.
Body Repatriation
In case the mortal remains of the insured student has to be sent back to the origin country.
Trip Delay
Expenses incurred due to a delayed trip, for more than 12 hours, is reimbursed.
Missed departure or connection
The insured individual is reimbursed for expenses occurring due to a missed connection of flight departure.
Loss of passport
The policy reimburses all actual expenses incurred for obtaining a duplicate or fresh passport.
Study Interruption
Compensation is paid for any interruption that occurs in the study.
Personal Liability
Insured students are legally bound to pay damages occurring to property due to them. Even medical expenses incurred on account of an accident resulting in bodily injury to someone has to be paid by the student. Travel insurance covers all these benefits and reimbursements for the students.
Sponsor Protection
The insured students’ tuition fee is reimbursed in the event of an accidental death of the sponsor.
Daily Cash Allowances
In case an insured student is hospitalised beyond a specific number of days then a daily cash allowance may be provided.
Compassionate visit
A compassionate visit to the student by an immediate family member is covered.
Expectant Mothers
There is a waiting period of 10 months after which, pregnancy-related medical expenses are covered
Bail Bond
In case of an arrest, the insured person’s bail amount is covered while travelling.
Cancer screening and mammograms performed as recommended by a certified physician are covered.
Psychological Coverage
Treatments for drug dependency, alcoholism, nervous and mental disorders are reimbursed.
Cash allowance for childcare in a hospital is provided.
Distress allowances for insured persons in case the flight is disrupted due to a hijack.
Emergency Accommodation
When a natural catastrophe prevents students from staying in their original accommodation, then compensation for additional emergency accommodation is provided.
Fraudulent Charges
When a payment card is lost or stolen, reimbursement for unauthorised expenses is provided.
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