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University of Greenwich

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Overview of University of Greenwich

The University of Greenwich is a state funded college situated in London, United Kingdom. Past names incorporate Woolwich Polytechnic and Thames Polytechnic. It has got three grounds in London and Kent, England . These are situated at Greenwich, in the grounds of the Old Royal Naval College, and in Avery Hill and Medway. 

The college’s scope of subjects incorporates design, business, processing, arithmetic, instruction, building, humanities, sea thinks about, normal sciences, drug store and sociologies. In 2012, the University of Greenwich was appraised as the greenest in the UK by People and Planet Green League Table. The college is positioned in the main 750 by QS World University Rankings. It got a Silver rating in the UK government’s Teaching Excellence Framework.

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It has got three campuses situated in London and Kent, England, at Greenwich, on the Former Royal Naval College grounds, and in Avery Hill and Medway.

Avery Hill Campus 

Avery Hill Campus consists of two campuses, Mansion Site and Southwood Site. Both are situated in the 86-acre Avery Hill Park in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, south-east of London. The campus is home to the Faculty of Education and Health. The facilities include computer labs, a library and a TV studio, as well as a fitness and training facility with a sports hall and a 220-seater lecture theater. Southwood Site also has a variety of clinical skills laboratories in operation. These mimic the National Health Service, allowing trainee health professionals to obtain hands-on experience.

Greenwich Campus 

Greenwich Campus is primarily situated in the Former Royal Naval College, where it relocated in the 1990s, when the premises were sold by the Royal Navy. The campus is home to the School of Business and the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The campus also contains the Greenwich Maritime Institute of the University, the Maritime Management Specialist, policy and history teaching and research institute.

Medway Campus 

Medway Campus is situated on the former Royal Navy Coastal Base (HMS Pembroke) built in 1903 at Chatham Maritime, Kent. The Faculty of Engineering and Science is based here, as is the Natural Resources Institute, a hub of natural and human resources science, training and learning. It is also home to the Medway School of Pharmacy, a joint school run by the University of Greenwich and Kent. The Faculty of Education and Health is providing a variety of its courses at Medway.

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Fun Facts
  • The business hours of the City of London overlap with all the other business hours around the globe. That implies that those in town can trade in the morning with the Eastern Hemisphere and in the evening with the Western Hemisphere.
  • Big Ben is perhaps the most popular landmark in London. Surprisingly, the name ' The Clock Tower ' is actually intended to go, while ' Big Ben ' is the bell's name. Free to bear that reality to your friends and family if you ever go on a trip to London.
  • Cultural diversity is first on our list of London facts. As one of the world's most diverse cities, London has more than 8 million residents who speak more than 300 languages collectively, including Bengali, Gujarati, Punjabi, Cantonese, Mandarin, Hokkien, and English, of course.
Teaching Excellence Framework
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