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Study Abroad Application Process

At IEC, we understand that applying to overseas universities is not just about filling an application form. It is
a crucial decision and involves a lot of planning, research, and decision-making.

Application Review

Foreign education consultants at IEC will completely review your application before the documents are submitted to the chosen university. Students should set aside ample time for this stage since it is extremely crucial. IEC employs a team of experienced professionals to scan your application and other documents to confirm their accuracy.

Every university has different application requirements, deadlines and a range of credentials that have to be sent to them.

At IEC, we perform a complete and comprehensive review while focusing on all the credentials. The application is checked for successfully completed courses and examinations and verified if the core subjects and examinations are included.

One of the biggest reasons why application processes vary so much is because the universities want to assess the level of student readiness. Besides, the institutions would also like to know if the student’s educational goals are aligned with their growth goals and ethos of that particular university.

Some universities require the student’s post-secondary work. This is also in addition to the English language proficiency test. IEC examines all international students’ applications so that transfer requirement is met for the campus of interest and intended programme. A transfer application must contain the online application, official transcripts from the post-secondary institution and high-school transcripts as well. For international students that have completed their high school education outside the country of application, must enclose their GED or high-school transcripts.

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