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Document Verification

Student visa approvals depend upon the submission of the complete set of documents as required by the
relevant evaluating entities.

Document Verification

Your visa application may be rejected if your documents are not in order and due to delay in procuring them. A postponement could also mean losing your admission to the university that you have applied to. Expert international
overseas consultants at IEC Abroad will review and verify the documents provided by the students.

While the applicant has to collate and draft all the required documents, our professional editing team, however, will evaluate the work and improve upon the tone, structure, and content. Besides, the consultants will also check if all the required documents for visa application have been presented. For international students, documentation is a mandatory requirement, particularly because this is proof of who you say you are.

Keep a file that will help you store all your important documents in one single place. It should be organised in such a way that you can extract what you need and when you need it rather than rummaging through the entire bundle. In an emergency, when you do not find what you require, the situation can be incredibly frustrating.

Checklist of documents

Passport for travel

All international students travelling abroad mandatorily require a passport. This document is also required when you apply for a student’s visa. Keep a copy of your passport, while stowing the original away into a safe place.

Certificate of birth

Indeed, a proof of your existence and another key document, a copy of your birth certificate should be retrieved and presented for travelling and studying overseas.

Medical Certificate

Sometimes you may have to pass certain medical tests before you are allowed into a country. This is primarily to prevent epidemics that have caused serious problems in the past. Your fitness certificate from a qualified medical practitioner should also accompany the complete list of medications that you may be taking if any.

Student visa / Label / Permit

If you are travelling abroad for studies, then you most certainly require a student visa in original. While the application process does vary according to study location, you must begin processing this document, the moment you receive an offer from the university that you have applied to.


As part of the necessary documentation, you also need your passport-sized photos. Always keep a few extra copies, since you might require these for different applications or documents.

Offer Confirmation

To apply for a student visa, you also have to produce the original letter received from the university confirming your seat.

Academic scripts

In chronological order, produce all your schooling and other academic scripts with results and grades. If it is in a language other than English, use an accredited translator to transform it into the English language.

Language and other tests

As part of their qualification, international students take tests, especially when English is not their first language. Write the TOEFL or IELTS or other tests particular to your field of admission, where required.

Confirmation of financial scholarships and bursaries

Common tests required by the University of Bahrain: IELTS or TOEFL (For more information about these tests.

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