Best MBA Programmes in the UK

Business and management programmes in the UK have always been a big draw for international students. The obvious reasons for an MBA in UK are the well designed courses that link students with large corporations and organizations.  The easy access to Europe is another big advantage , since it provides  opportunities for international experience within your studies.

The cost of gaining an international MBA is another important consideration for an MBA from UK. Programmes are usually a year in duration compared to those from other countries like the US. More important is that UK universities recognize the 3-year bachelor degree from India. This is unlike many others that require a 4 year degree.

Here are some of the top international MBA programmes in the UK that have performed extremely well in the QS Global MBA Rankings 2019, The Economist’s Full-time MBA Rankings 2018 and the Financial Times (FT) Global MBA Rankings 2019.

1. London Business School (LBS)

Ranking: Financial Times: 6th, QS: 1st, The Economist: 27th

The London School of Business is right there at the top of any list of the top international MBA  Programmes, not just in the UK but just about everywhere. Costing around £82,000, students can study for 15, 18 or 21 months. The fees also include flight, accommodation as well as international trips involving several workshops, site visits, and panels. 

Representing 64 nationalities, with individual work experience at an average of five and a half years, the LBS class of 2020 comprises 485 students out of which 40% are women. The EMBA Global Asia and the EMBA Global Americas and Europe are also offered by LBS besides the Executive MBA. While the EMBAs give you a chance to study in New York and London, the Executive MBA can take you to Hongkong and Singapore as well.

2. University of Oxford, Saïd Business School

Ranking: Financial Times: 13th and QS: 5th 

A leading global university in general and a top international MBA programmes provider, the University of Oxford provides the Global Opportunities and Threats: Oxford (GOTO) project, which is also one of the biggest highlights of its MBA programme. Described as an action-oriented and problem-solving initiative, the curriculum aims to address key issues that are facing the world today.

Intakes begin in September. The one-year course at Oxford’s Saïd Business School costs around £59,490. Applicants should have at least 5 years of work experience if they are considering this course. 

Many students opt for the Oxford 1+1 MBA or an Executive MBA in UK. This unique  course combines a one-year MBA programme with a Masters in computer science, criminology or public policy giving students an opportunity to gain better insights.

3. University of Cambridge, Judge Business School

Ranking: Financial Times: 16th, QS: 9th, and The Economist: 45th

It comes with a rock solid brand reputation and this makes it a dream university for most students around the world. One of the highlights of Cambridge’s MBA is its Global Consulting Project. Various groups of students undertake live consulting projects for companies around the world. The 12-month intensive full-time MBA costs around £57,000. 

Students have an average age of 29 years with an approximate  60:40 split among male and female students. The curriculum is distributed over four phases namely – team building, team leading, influence and impact, application and relaunch. Speciality areas are also available such as global business, environment, energy, entrepreneurship and healthcare strategies.

The Executive MBA is more spaced out, covering 20-months with classes held over 16 weekends and four week-long blocks.

4. University of Warwick, Warwick Business School

Ranking: Financial Times: 36th, QS: 16th, The Economist: 18th

Warwick Business School sets itself apart by positioning the university as changemakers. Towards this, they actively look for students from all over the globe with the intention of bringing together new viewpoints and new ideas. This is why they prefer to leave the chalkboards behind and give students practical experience.

The programme costs about £40,450 and students can enrol into a full-time, 12-month MBA course at the university. Spend 50% of your time specialising in entrepreneurship and the rest of the 50% doing core MBA content. 

5. Imperial College Business School

Ranking: Financial Times: 39th, QS: 8th

It is consistently in the top 10 business schools in the world and so it continues to attract the best students from around the globe.  An MBA in UK from this university comes at a cost of £53,500 for a 1 year full-time programme. 

The programme includes the ‘Global Experience Week’. This allows you to explore businesses in an international context through an intensive foreign trip. Innovation is the bedrock and initiatives encourage entrepreneurial mindsets. The Enterprise Lab is one such initiative that connects students with the next generation of innovators by bringing mentors, coaching and funding into the ambit.

6. Durham University Business School

Ranking: Financial Times: 43rd, QS: 23rd, and The Economist: 65th

Focus on one of three specialisations namely entrepreneurship, consultancy, or technology when you do an MBA in UK with Durham University Business School. The tuition fees for a full-time 12- or 15-months’ MBA costs around £30,000, with early applicants getting a discount. Explore a new industry or job role, take an internship, or prepare to set up your own business when you opt for the 15-month version. Visit overseas businesses, undertake consultancy exercises, attend language classes or get involved in a real-life simulation of a boardroom at the Durham University Business School.

7. University of Manchester

Ranking: Financial Times: 59th, QS: 21st 

Take on three consultancy projects with real clients when you attend the University of Manchester’s MBA programme. Providing students with one of the world’s most practical MBAs, the University comes with three study duration options – 12, 15 and 18 months. At specific points in the course, you can choose to speed up or slow down as well. Currently, tuition fees are £44,000.

Students can also do the global part-time MBA over 18 or 24 months, which additionally involves teaching in three workshop residentials a year. This can be undertaken alongside a full-time MBA at Manchester. Elective study modules can be taken in Dubai, Hong Kong, Manchester, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, and Singapore centres.

8. Cass Business School

Ranking: Financial Times: 64th, and The Economist: 72nd

Comprising a combination of workshops, live projects, lectures, overseas expeditions, and international consultancy projects, the MBA in UK at Cass Business School costs around £44,000. Foundational knowledge and understanding of the course are provided for the first six months. Thereafter, the course is customised according to your interests.

The school recognises it as your concentration if you take at least 40 credits worth of elective modules in a particular area. Choose between marketing, digital transformation, corporate strategy, finance. Investment management and entrepreneurship.

The Cass MBA in UK is a full-time 1 year programme or you could opt for an Executive MBA that covers 24 months.

9. Cranfield School of Management

Ranking: Financial Times: 76th, QS: 18th, and The Economist: 74th

Cranfield offers an impressive range of MBA courses with four other specialist programmes available alongside the full-time top international MBA programmes and the Executive MBA. The university is exclusively for post graduates and provides students with the perfect career setup across MBA Energy, MBA Defence, Executive MBA Defence Export and Executive MBA Human Capital. To study these, you have to pay around £39,000, £36,000 and £27,000, respectively in terms of fees.

10. University of Edinburgh Business School

Ranking: Financial Times: 87th, QS: 30th, The Economist: 76th

The Edinburg MBA prides itself on a ‘boutique experience’. It includes a personal coaching programme for one-to-one attention. Enrol into the full-time MBA with international experience or simply a full-time MBA, both of which last for 12 months. Alternatively, choose the part-time executive MBA that lasts for 27 months.

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