What To Expect From The British University Fair

Here at IEC Abroad we’re extremely proud of our British University Fair. They’re always so popular with international students all over the world. Students from China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, Brazil and beyond have found the British University Fair in Manchester really helpful.
Our next fair is on Saturday 4th November 2017 at The Bridgewater Hall from 12pm-5pm. Tickets are free and you can register for one through the British University Fair website or simply register at reception on the day.
If you’re attending the British University Fair for the very first time, you will no doubt have some questions about what takes place. Here’s what to expect from the event.

International Students

First and foremost there will be a whole mix of international students from all over the world. As we mentioned before, there will be international students from a range of countries all looking to find out as much information as possible about studying in the UK. It can be good for you when studying away from your home country to see that everyone else is in exactly the same position as you. The fair can be an opportunity to meet other students from your home country, meet future classmates and even make a few friendly contacts before you start studying in the UK.

Information About Different Courses

You may be considering a few courses to enrol on and haven’t quite made up your mind yet. And that’s okay! The British University Fair has a wealth of information on a diverse range of courses to help you make the most informed decision you can. Some universities may offer the same kind of course topics but each will have their own slightly different courses. By comparing a few different courses and looking at what they contain, it can help you make your decision whilst you’re at the fair. Or at least leave you with something to think over.

A Range of Universities In One Place

The fair gives you the opportunity to find out information about many universities, all in one place. It’s a huge time saver and can save you the effort of having to contact each of them individually! You can browse the different university stands at your own pace and compare as many different universities as you like.

Scholarship Information

Studying abroad is expensive. We know it can be difficult to get the funds together needed to finance a 3-year university course abroad. Luckily, there are a range of scholarships available which can help you fund your studying abroad. You can take a look at the different scholarships at the British University Fair and see which ones you qualify for and can apply to.


We want you to get the very most out of your trip to the British University Fair. Understanding all the information on offer is important if you’re making the effort to attend. That’s why we have Arabic and Chinese translators at the event to help you understand all the important details. Obviously, we know you’re English will be relatively good if you’re looking to study in the UK however, we think it’s important to have translators for those students and their families who are still learning the language.

Goody Bags & Prizes

The British University Fair isn’t just filled with information, brochures and university stands, there’s some fun to be had too! Those that attend the event will be treated to a range of goody bags and will have the chance to pick up some prices along the way!
Visit the website for more information about the British University Fair 2017.
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