The Rise of International Students in New Zealand

The number of international students in New Zealand is on the rise. Recent figures show that more than 124,000 international students from 176 countries enrolled in New Zealand educational institutions in 2015. Boasting high-quality education, innovative teaching techniques, employment-focussed courses, and a rewarding student lifestyle, it’s unsurprising that New Zealand institutions are so popular with students from all over the world. We even spoke about the five reasons to study in New Zealand.

Award winning institutions

There are eight universities in New Zealand in total and each one is ranked within the prestigious QS World Rankings. New Zealand is heavily invested in its education system and has a strict quality control procedure to ensure all institutions maintain excellent standards and offer students a world-class education. An award-winning university isn’t the only option for international students, however, there are also plenty of colleges and educational institutes. If you’re concerned about the cost of studying in New Zealand, you’ll be glad to know it’s more affordable than many parts of the world. You can expect to pay between NZ$20,000 (£9,800) and NZ$25,000 (£12,300) a year for your degree depending on the subject and around NZ$15,000 (£7,400) a year for living costs.

Life-changing landmarks

No matter where you choose to study in New Zealand, you’re likely to be in close proximity to picturesque beaches, stunning green spaces and life-changing landmarks. If studying in Auckland, the Sky Tower is sure to take your breath away. Standing at 1,076 feet high, it’s the tallest building in New Zealand. Eat dinner in the tower’s revolving restaurant or bungee jump off the 629 pergola – maybe not one after the other. You’ll fall in love with Tongariro National Park, particularly if you’re a nature enthusiast with a passion for walking, cycling or adventure sports such as rock climbing and bungee jumping.

Diverse cultures and traditions

During your time in New Zealand, you’ll be immersed in a diverse mix of cultures and will be able to sample a variety of traditions during your period of study. Visit a Maori village deep in the forest and learn all about the lives of New Zealand’s native people. You’ll receive the warmest of welcomes before learning about popular traditions such as facial tattooing, weaving, and carving. If you love cooking, you may even pick up a few new recipes to try yourself. Of the 4.4million people living in New Zealand today, the Maori are believed to make up approximately 15% of the population. The other 85% are made up predominantly of Europeans, Asians, and Pacific Islanders, making this an incredibly diverse nation. Barbeques are extremely popular in New Zealand and they’re often held in gardens, parks or on the beach. If you get the opportunity to attend a barbeque, this could be a great opportunity to make new friends and eat delicious food.

Friendly faces from around the world

If you like socialising and meeting new people, you’ll love student life in New Zealand. With so many classes, activities and social events to take part in, you’ll have so many opportunities to make friends. People in New Zealand are extremely friendly and more than happy to introduce you to their way of life. Not only will you be welcomed by local people, you’re also likely to meet plenty of fellow international students from all around the world. Although you may go your separate ways after you finish university, you’ll still be able to keep in touch and perhaps even visit each other. If you’d like to further your education and expand your horizons by studying in New Zealand, we can help you find the right course and destination for you. To learn more, please get in touch with the team at IEC Abroad.