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Cost of studying abroad

Studying abroad is one of the best experiences that you can ever have in your life. Yet one of the
most common barriers to getting educated in a foreign land is the cost of studying abroad.

 Cost Of Studying Abroad

How expensive is studying abroad?

This is primarily due to the fees attached to different programme types and theamount of aid that you can get as against the on-ground costs involved in living in a foreign country.

Speak with consultants at IEC Abroad to find the most affordable study abroad programmes.

The average cost of studying abroad

Definitely, there is no average price point, given the extreme range of costs between different programmes across countries. Yet, there is no common consensus on the average pricing because estimates widely vary.

How expensive is studying abroad

If you want to know how expensive is studying abroad, then there is only an approximation available. An all-inclusive cost could be around $36,000 for a complete academic year or $18,000 per semester.

Studying in the UK could cost you anywhere between $8000 and $22,000. Click here to apply to any university in the UK.

Yet, there could be a variation in all of the above indicators. For example, studying in private universities across Europe could cost even more. And then there are external factors to consider that could lead to cost disparities.

It is extremely important to arrive at your own estimates before you undertake the study abroad application journey.

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Is studying abroad expensive?

There are several things covered in the total programme cost.Speak to IEC Abroad’s professionals to provide you with the most appropriate guidance to the costs involved when you study abroad.

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