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Guide for Parents

Studying abroad can be challenging for students. At the same time, it can be stressful for the parents too.

Guide for parents

While parents do respect their child’s decision, they are worried about their safety and well-being as well.Yet, the students couldn’t have made a better choice, knowing the exposure and knowledge that they will gain when they are educated overseas.

It widens horizons not just for students to further themselves academically, but professionally as well. Being a parent, it is important to support the child’s resolve and play an active role in one of the biggest student challenges.

Here are some points that you should be aware of if you are a parent of an international student.

Parents should make an effort to understand the predicament of the child and for their reason to go abroad.You must be able to guide the child towards the best decision at this point and to know what exactly the student is trying to achieve.

As a parent, conduct research about the course and the study destination that the student wants to pursue.You may also want to verify the university that best suits the student’s interest. Parents will make better decisions when they know what is best for their child.

IEC Abroad offers parental as well as student counselling

If you wish to know more about the child’s overseas journey, speak to our consultants to understand cultural differences and studying abroad requirements that will prepare you for a new experience.

It cannot be denied that studying in the home country costs much lesser than a foreign education, which can be expensive.

Parents have to gather sufficient funds to afford their children abroad. There are costs for living, medical, visa and other miscellaneous expenses involved besides the tuition fee.

Budgeting your financials is one of the most crucial aspects to enrolling your child into an overseas university.

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Guide for parents

Temperatures and environments of both countries

More often there is a marked difference in the temperatures and environments of both countries. Since your child is going to be independent without your supervision, you must take additional health precautions.

Make a list of medications and prescriptions that the child should possess. If required, speak to a doctor to know the brands of medicines that could be made available for the child at the study destination.

Parents can get worrisome with the child so many miles away. Ensure that the student travels safely with insurance. Acquaint the child with international student rights and local laws.

Make sure that the learner receives vaccinations for common diseases at the study destination. Provide emergency contacts and equip the child with a travel safety kit.

IEC Abroad provides every guidance required for both parents and students. Meet with our experts today for a consultation.


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