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Student Accommodation Service and Its Types

Capitalise on IEC Abroad’s strong networking skills as we help you find the right accommodation
facilities at your study destination.

Accommodation Services

Depending on your policy, all travel-related risks can be covered such as loss of baggage, loss of important documents like your passport, or even medical emergencies during your trip. Check with IEC Abroad to get a travel insurance policy that will keep you safe and covers you for the most unanticipated expenses.

Your choices of student accommodation may be quite varied depending upon where you decide to study. In some countries, you will have to plan well in advance and often spend more than you may have envisaged but in others, it could be extremely easy and economical as well.

Types of Accommodation

For students looking to study overseas, there are a variety of options and a number of considerations
that our experts can run you through.


Accommodation on the campus is run by the university and is well within the confines of the institution. This should also be your first port of call since this type of accommodation comes with several advantages. It one of the most beneficial choices due to its secure entries and with other university buildings located nearby. Since you will be living amongst other students, you have the benefit of social interactions as well. More casual exchanges can happen when you are cooking in the communal kitchen or sharing the leisure space.


Sometimes the desired study destination may not offer on-campus accommodation. For example, in Holland and Germany, private accommodation is the only option because university campuses seldom offer any housing. In France, recipients of government-distributed scholarships are the only ones entitled to on-campus accommodation. Yet, for all, clusters of student accommodation and housing are available where you will still feel like you are living amidst the student community. Get additional benefits too such as being closer to local life and staying more immersed in the city or town life where you are living.

Home stay

An extremely popular option with countries such as Australia, Canada and the United States,international students can live with the local family,and thus, get a direct experience of the local culture.Students may also be matched to the families andthe pricing mostly includes meals as well. Temporary accommodations are also available immediately upon arrival so that you can take your time to look around for the best living space and make an informed decision about your place of stay.Check with experts at IEC Abroad for the most appropriate accommodation for you.

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