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International Health Insurance For Students Studying Abroad

For students travelling to overseas study destinations, it is best to obtain an international student health insurance.
Check with IEC Abroad for the best travel insurance for students studying abroad.

Student Health Cover

Why do you need student health insurance?

Healthcare anywhere does not come cheap. And navigating across the existing bureaucracy within any country can be unnerving. Health insurance might not be your primary concern when you are travelling abroad to study.

But it is always better to obtain the basics, for a healthy experience when you are studying abroad.

Best travel insurance for students
studying abroad

NHS (National Health Service)

UK’s health care system is known as NHS or the National Health Service that provides a range of health care services including doctor’s appointments, dental care, hospitalisation and much more. After your arrival at the university, register with your doctor as soon as possible to avail of the services especially if you are a non-EEA student studying on courses longer than 6 months’duration.

Non-EEA students may not be eligible for NHS if you are studying courses of less than 6 months’ du-ration. Additionally, non-EEA students studying in the UK (for over six months) will have to pay a health sur-charge of £150 per visa when you are applying for it. This clause came into effect on April 2015.You will receive the same benefits as UK citizens if you are applying for a Tier 4 visa, which makes you eligible for the NHS. Furthermore, the diagnosis and treatment of communicable diseases, gen-eral practitioner or primary doctor visits, family planning, and mandatory psychiatric treatment are all provided free of cost.The prescriptions, dental treat ments, vaccinations, and optical treatments, however, are not cov-ered under the health insurance scheme.
A healthcare unit is usually available closer to the complex. But you may also choose your preferred doctor to register with. Even if you are not sick it is still recommended to register yourself by visiting the nearest health cen-tre or a surgery. You must also possess a letter from the university to prove that you are a student. The NHS card and number will arrive on your email once all the credentials are verified.

OSHC ( Overseas Student Health Cover )

Before you obtain your student visa, it is important to buy an Overseas Health Cover or OSHC to study and live in Australia. For the entire duration of your stay, it is best to stay covered for your doctors’ visits, hospital isation, emergency ambulance, and prescription medications. IEC Abroad offers comprehensive guidance about college student health care insurance that comes with exclusive benefits, speedy turnarounds, and value for money.

Purchase your OSHC with IEC Abroad easily, with your credit care. If you don’t possess one, speak to our consultants to assist you with an alternative payment model.

First, choose a date that you think you will arrive in Australia. If you are not sure, then select up to 28 days before the beginning of the course. Choose the day after the OSHC expires if you are planning to switch pro viders. Your OSHC must remain covered consistently to keep your Australian student visa valid. You are in breach of condition 8501 if you are in Australia and do not possess adequate insurance.

For all student health insurance needs, speak with our experts for guidance.

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