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Overview of De Montfort University

De Montfort University (DMU) is a quality and distinguishing university. Our mission is to be a truly international university located in Leicester, characterized by life-changing studies, dynamic global partnerships, vibrant company connections, and dedication to excellence in teaching, learning, and student experience.

DMU is a vibrant, multicultural teaching, creativity and innovation hub that never abandons convention. The experience of the student is not just about research, but about private enrichment, socialization, and life. DMU has outstandingly received 18 awards in the National Teaching Fellows – the most prestigious prizes for excellence in greater schooling since the beginning of the system.

What do I Need to Get in
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Located in the core of the United Kingdom and the fifth biggest town in the United Kingdom, Leicester is just over an hour away from London by direct train. A national example of the benefits of multiculturalism and tolerance, the city is the perfect location for international students looking to experience the UK at its most vibrant. The town center is also just a five-minute walk from the primary campus, with high street shops, designer boutiques, theaters, restaurants and cultural quarter all in close proximity.

  • Laura Coleman – English model – Miss England 2008 beauty pageant
  • Lewis Moody – retired English rugby union player
  • Keeley Donovan – English journalist and broadcaster
Fun Facts
  • The Queen's Building in De Montfort Uni is the biggest naturally ventilated house in Europe.
  • Leicester was the birthplace of local radio, Radio Leicester was Britain's first local radio station ever.
  • Leicester is believed to have the most traffic lights in the UK than any other town, and Leicester was also the first town to have both traffic lights and traffic guards.
  • Leicester hosts the biggest Diwali festivities outside of India.
Teaching Excellence Framework
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