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Ulster University

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Overview of Ulster University

Ulster University is a community-based, extensive organization that focuses on educational programs, social services and vocational, technical and vocational training. It consists of four campuses, each with its own distinctive personality: Belfast, Coleraine, Jordanstown and Magee College. Students are put on campus according to their educational requirements and it is not feasible for students to study at more than one campus at the moment. Public transport links the campuses.

Established in 1968 as the New University of Ulster, it merged with Ulster Polytechnic in 1984, integrating its four Northern Irish campuses under the banner of the University of Ulster. In 1984, the college integrated its four campuses, situated in Belfast, Coleraine, Magee College in Derry and Jordanstown. The university has branch campuses in both London and Birmingham and a wide range of distance learning facilities. The University was renamed Ulster University in October 2014, including a modified graphic identity.

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Ulster University consists of four main campuses: the Coleraine and Magee campuses in Belfast, Jordanstown and London as well as two smaller colleges. The Campus of Belfast is situated in the lively Quarter of the Cathedral, the town’s next cultural center. The city is part of a diverse arts scene and a number of annual events, including the Ulster Festival of Art and Design, are held on campus.

  • Simon Kitson- Historian
  • Alison Kitson- Nursing Academic
  • Willie Doherty- Visual Artist
  • Michael Riley- Film Producer
Fun Facts
  • More than 1,200 pints of beer were consumed at the Ulster University Rugby, Coleraine-UUC RFC RFC 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner.
  • Let's face it, Irish pubs are the best in the globe, that's why they're literally everywhere. If you're going to uni in Northern Ireland, there'll be Irish pubs everywhere — except, of course, they're just going to be called ' pubs. '
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