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Guide to Studying in the UK

Top Tips For Making The Most of Your Time Studying in The UK

August 1, 2017

Studying abroad is a fantastic experience for any student and it’s important you make the most of your time whilst you’re abroad at university. No matter what country you’re in, as an international student, you’ll want to make every second count.

Every year thousands of international students apply to study in the UK, and whilst a large percentage get accepted, not every student gets the chance to study in the UK. So if you’ve earned the opportunity, it’s important to make the most of it.

But how do you do that?

We’ve collected some top tips from students and professionals for making the most of your time studying in the UK.

Embrace UK learning methods

Every country has a slightly different learning culture and the UK is no different. Most UK universities have a focus on group based learning, independent thinking, in-class discussions and active engagement with your tutors. Some international students might find it a little tricky to get used to UK learning methods at the start of their university course. That’s to be expected. The best thing to do is just embrace these new methods and you’ll soon get used to it! As a bonus, you’ll learn valuable skills that will serve you well once you graduate and enter the world of work.

Explore your surroundings

Whilst it’s important to study hard and do well on your course, it’s also important to take in your surroundings. A lot of students make the mistake of never venturing off campus and spending all their time studying. By doing this you’re not getting the most out of what the UK has to offer. Studying abroad is more than just studying – it’s about experiencing a different culture and a different country. You’ll kick yourself for not seeing as much of the UK as you can whilst you’re there. Immerse yourself in UK culture and see what you learn.

Make friends

You can feel a little isolated traveling to another country to attend a university which is why you should try and make friends whilst you’re there. Spending all your time alone is no good and you’ll have a much better time in the UK if you socialise and make good friends. You can join university societies, clubs or groups to make meeting new friends that much easier. Not only will you meet new friends but you’ll be doing fun things in your spare time too!

Really commit to university

Don’t waste the opportunity you’ve been given to study in the UK. Attend every lecture, every study group and complete every assignment you’re given to the highest standard. You only get one chance at your university course so you have to take it seriously. Take advantage of any extra opportunities that come your way whilst you’re studying in the UK and really commit to university life – you won’t regret it!

If you’re thinking of applying to study in the UK, we can help. Here at IEC Abroad, we’re international study abroad specialists who have helped thousands of students find their perfect course, university and country of study. Contact our team to find out how we can help you.

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