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Undergraduate Courses in Australia

Are you looking to study a course in Australia? Here you can choose from a collection of some of the most attractive cities in the whole world. From the capital city Canberra to the hugely popular Melbourne and Sydney, Australia has everything to offer its student population. It’s often said that those international students who are fortunate to experience student life in Australia are in for an unforgettable experience.

Foundation Pathways Opportunities

Do you have the academic results required to obtain entry to study in Australia? If not, you can take a Foundation Pathway course. This provides a chance to learn valuable study skills and develop your English language ability with tuition included. Foundation Studies are available in a wide number of universities and will usually centre around one particular subject. Language support is also provided for at least a year. Successfully completing a Foundation Pathway course will fill anything that is missing from your qualifications and produce the opportunity for you to attend university.

Bachelor’s Degree

Many international students choose a combined or double Bachelor degree program when studying in Australia. It is for this reason that Bachelor degrees in Australia can be extremely flexible, allowing you to devote equal amounts of time to two different subjects. A standard Bachelor degree will typically take up to 3 years to complete. On the other hand, a Professional/Honours Bachelor degree will typically last 4 years.

Admission Entry Requirements

Depending on which course you wish to study, international students will be required to exhibit knowledge of the English language to an IELTS rating of 6.0 during their application to study in Australia. When it comes to academic results, each university will have different requests and qualification requirements.

A study in Australia with IEC Abroad

Thinking of making the journey down under to begin an undergraduate course? Talk to our advisors today on 0161 233 4295 and we’ll provide all of the information you need to get started. We can provide advice on how your qualifications match up to the admission entry requirements and tell you what to expect from your undergraduate or postgraduate course. Contact us for more information.

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