Kaplan International Pathways

Study abroad with Kaplan.

Follow your path, your way.


Studying in another country is an incredible experience. With Kaplan, you can follow your path to a university in the UK, USA or Australia. With a degree from a top university, you’ll be prepared for future success.



Your path to university


If you’re an international student, Kaplan can help you get the education you want, the way you want. You’ll have access to superb universities around the world, each with its own academic culture and offering a unique study experience.

A pathway course at a Kaplan study centre can help you prepare and qualify for the degree you want. You’ll be able to choose from a range of great subjects at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. If you already meet the entry requirements for a degree, Kaplan can help you apply and transition to university.



Your way to success


As you continue your educational journey after school, we’ll strive to make sure you can do so in the way that you want to. Everyone has different needs, goals and expectations, and Kaplan will help you get the educational experience best suited to your unique ambitions.

The admissions and pre-arrival teams will give you expert advice and all the help you need to successfully apply, and start your adventure of studying abroad. When you take a pathway course, Kaplan staff will deliver tailored classes and first-rate support, ensuring you are fully prepared for a university degree and career success.



Your study options


With Kaplan, there are 3 main types of pathway course or preparation course you can take: undergraduate preparation, accelerated undergraduate preparation and master’s degree preparation.

The pathway course that’s right for you will depend on a number of factors, including your current level of education, and your preferred progression degree.

For some universities in the UK and USA, Kaplan can even help you enrol directly onto a degree if you meet the entry requirements. Whichever route you take to university, you’ll be able to choose from a huge range of subjects and degrees, setting you on the path to fulfilling your ambitions!



Your destination options


You’ll be able to choose from a number of great study destinations: Kaplan has partner universities in the UK, USA and Australia. All 3 countries have prestigious, world-renowned education systems, so you’ll graduate with a degree that can take you far.

Each destination country and destination university offers a different experience, whether that’s in an exciting city like New York, a historic one like Nottingham, or an area of natural beauty like Adelaide. Wherever you decide to study abroad, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time and a rewarding experience.



Your study centres


Pathway courses are typically delivered at Kaplan’s colleges or study centres, which are often based on the campus of their associated universities.

Bournemouth University International College Bournemouth University
Glasgow International College University of Glasgow
Kaplan International College London Aston University

City, University of London

Cranfield University

University of Birmingham

University of Westminster

Liverpool International College University of Liverpool
Nottingham Trent International College Nottingham Trent University
Pathways at Arizona State University Arizona State University
Pathways at Northeastern University Northeastern University
Pathways at Pace University Pace University
Pathways at The University of Tulsa The University of Tulsa
University of Adelaide College University of Adelaide
University of Brighton International College University of Brighton
University of Essex International College University of Essex
University of Nottingham International College University of Nottingham
University of York International Pathways College University of York
UWE Bristol’s International College UWE Bristol



Your Kaplan Living


During your time studying with Kaplan, you’ll usually have the option of staying at a Kaplan Living student residence. These purpose-built facilities offer you a number of advantages, including living with other international students who are all having the same experience as you!

It’s a fantastic way to get to know your fellow students, and interact with people from all over the world. You can easily make friends and find fun things to do together when you’re not studying, and you’ll benefit from the expert care and support that Kaplan can provide.