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Oregon State University

Overview of Oregon State University

Oregon State is an international public research university that draws people from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. We go wherever the challenges are, push ourselves to the very edge of what’s known and keep going. We are determined to forge solutions. We are diverse and welcoming. We embrace our responsibility to Oregon and the world, building a future that’s smarter, healthier, more prosperous and more just. We see what could be and have worked relentlessly for 150 years to make it so. 2 campuses, 11 colleges, 14 experiment stations, 36 Extension offices, 200+ academic programs: Countless impact

  • Bardette-actor.
  • Don Robert-CEO of Experian.
  • John Ensign-former U.S. Senator.
  • Derek Anderson-NFL.
Fun Facts
  • It's the largest university in Oregon.
  • Oregon State's athletic teams are known as the Beavers.
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