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Wichita State University

Overview of Wichita State University

This is the place where anything is possible. Where collaboration and innovative ideas shape the future, and entrepreneurship is in our bones. If you have the creativity, passion and insight to help us build a brighter future for our city, state and world—this is the place where you belong. WSU has a long tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship that spurs the economy and serves the needs of the local community. See how our latest big, audacious plans — which have doubled the size of campus in just four years — are working to build a better future for our students, the state of Kansas and the world.


The Main Campus is located at northeast Wichita’s 1845 North Fairmount, mostly bounded between 17th St N, 21st St N, Hillside St, Oliver Ave. Research facilities include the National Aviation Research Institute, biology research laboratories (Hubbard Hall), the WSU Field Station, chemical research laboratories (McKinley Hall) and physics research laboratories (Jabara Hall). The campus includes the Art Museum of Edwin A. Ulrich.

  • Jamie Arnold – American-Israeli professional basketball player
  • Casey Blake – retired Major League Baseball player
  • Chris Barnes – PBA professional bowler (2007–08 PBA Player of the Year) and official USBC spokesperson
  •  Margene Adkins – National Football League player for Dallas Cowboys, New Orleans Saints and New York Jets
Fun Facts
  • Wichita is known as the "Air Capital of the World."
  • Wichita is the birthplace of Pizza Hut and White Castle fast-food chains.
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