Study Medicine in Australia

Medicine is one of the most popular subjects for international students who wish to study abroad, many of whom choose Australia as their destination due to its excellent quality medical education and laid back lifestyle. Eight of Australia’s nineteen universities featured in the world’s top 100 medical school rankings, and our links with them make it even easier to study medicine in Australia for international students.

Studying Medicine in Australia

Many of Australia’s medical schools have reserved places specifically for international students, but you must still satisfy the entry criteria for each institution you apply to. To gain entry into an Australian undergraduate course you need an Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education, or a local equivalent which can be proven. Some courses may also have additional criteria for entry.

Each institution will also have specific requirements regarding your fluency in English if it is not your first language. There are several tests you can take to demonstrate your ability, but most Australian universities accept the IELTS and TOEFL English language certificates.

International students residing outside of Australia at the time of application must take the Medical College Admission Test prior to application. This test is used to measure problem solving, critical thinking, and basic scientific knowledge. Each medical school has its own requirements regarding your MCAT score, so check you have achieved this before applying. International students who are living within Australia at the time of application must take the equivalent GAMSAT test.

International students may be required to participate in a Multi-Mini Interview prior to acceptance. This is done in person if you reside in Australia at the time; or via Skype if you are residing elsewhere. This tests you on a range of issues including cultural sensitivity, maturity, collaboration, and communication skills.

Undergraduate medical degrees in Australia take five years, or four if you already have a bachelors degree in a relevant subject. Once you have graduated there are speciality training options available, but these programs are very popular, and once you are accepted you face another five to seven years to become a specialist.

By studying medicine at an Australian medical school you gain access to some of the best facilities in the world. To receive more information about studying medicine in Australia contact IEC Abroad today.