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Business Foundation Courses in The UK

For any international students looking to study a business undergraduate degree programme in the UK, a business foundation course can provide you with the ideal entry level requirements needed.

What Is A Business Foundation Course?

Business foundation courses in the UK provide an understanding of the key subjects in business, to help international students prepare for entry into a full-time undergraduate business degree course at a UK university. A Business foundation course is tailored to students wishing to enter into an undergraduate business degree course, after having left high school and completed a non-British curriculum of study. It essentially acts as a bridge for international students that links their current qualifications to the entry requirements for UK universities. As well as improving their English language abilities, international students will be able to plug any gaps in their business skills, as well as getting the opportunity to broaden their industry knowledge before enrolling on a related undergraduate degree programme.

What Business Foundation Courses Are There?

A business foundation course is usually a one to two year programme of study in various business related subjects, designed to help international students develop their industry knowledge and core business competencies, such as professional communication, IT, quantitative skills and business management. Students who go through a business foundation course will gain essential knowledge and skills in a wide range of subject areas, allowing students to tailor their learning to suit the type of degree they want to study for. The subjects areas available include, Business and Management, with either Tourism Management, Law or Sport, along with Human Resource Management, Marketing, Digital Business, International Business, Business and Financial Management and more.

The Requirements You Need For A Business Foundation Course

The minimum entry requirements and document that you’ll need as an international student looking to study on a business foundation course in the UK are:  
  • An IELTS score of 4.5 or higher.
  • A Certificate from a Higher Secondary School.
  • Transcripts from a Higher Secondary School.
  • A reference from one high school teacher.
  • Copies of your personal statement, passport and visa. If you have no formal English qualifications, then the completion of an English language course will be necessary before you begin your business foundation course.

The Benefits For You As An International Student

You’ll be able to take full advantage of the numerous benefits a business foundation course can offer, including:
  • Getting the right qualifications - successfully completing a business foundation course will help ensure that you acquire the qualifications necessary for a UK business degree programme.
  • Gaining essential knowledge and skills - students will get the chance to improve their competence in essential areas of business in order to progress into a range of degree subjects.
  • Developing English language skills - a foundation course can provide international students with training in the academic and business English skills needed for success on any business degree course.
  • Help settling in - by coming to the UK early to study on a business foundation course, you’ll have more time to adjust to your new surroundings. More time to make friends, get used to the campus, the city, and of course get more accustomed to the language and culture.
  • A confident head start - gain a significant advantage over other students beginning their degree straight from school. You’ll have a whole year or two to adjust to university learning methods, and develop further academic and employability skills in business.
Of course the main benefit of successfully completing a business foundation course and achieving the necessary grades, will be a guaranteed entry into a university of your choice. If you’re an international student looking to study in the UK, or you need more information about business foundation courses in the UK, please contact us at IEC Abroad today to learn more. Our study abroad specialists are here to help you find the ideal university for you.