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Foundation Courses In The UK

For any international students, who have recently finished their high school exams, have completed less than 13 years of education, and who are now looking to study a degree in the UK, they will need to complete a foundation course at a UK university or college first.

What Is A Foundation Course?

In order for an international student to prepare for entry onto a UK university undergraduate course, a foundation course is necessary for them to gain the additional English language skills and academic knowledge that is required. The course is tailored towards students who have left high school having completed a non-British curriculum of study, and now wish to enter into an undergraduate degree course at a university in the UK. A foundation course acts as a bridge for international students, linking their current qualifications with UK university undergraduate entry requirements, it’s the first step for students on the way to obtaining a degree. International students will get the opportunity to greatly improve their English language abilities and fill in any gaps in academic knowledge, whilst getting the chance to immerse themselves in the life and culture of the UK.

What Foundation Courses Are There?

A foundation course is generally an intensive two or three year programme of study in various subjects, whilst incorporating academic and English language preparation. UK foundation courses can prepare you for a wide variety of subjects, ranging from Social Science and Humanities, to Business Finance, along with Art and Design. Some foundation course providers work in direct partnership with certain universities, guaranteeing successful students progression into those specific institutions. Most programmes offer international students the chance to study on campus, so that they can benefit from a full university experience.

The Requirements You Need For A Foundation Course

The documents and minimum entry requirements that you’ll need to study a foundation course in the UK are:
  • A minimum IELTS score of 4.5
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate
  • Higher Secondary transcripts
  • A reference from your teacher at high school
  • A copy of your personal statement
  • Copies of your passport and visa
You may need to complete an English language course before you begin your foundation course, if you have no formal English qualifications.

The Benefits For You As An International Student

You’ll be able to take full advantage of the numerous benefits a foundation course can offer, including:
  • A course designed for you - courses are specifically tailored to get students from all over the world ready to take on an undergraduate course at a UK university.
  • Combine academic learning with English - you’ll receive focused training in the kind of academic English that you need to succeed in a feature undergraduate degree course.
  • Plug up any gaps in knowledge - a foundation course will help get your knowledge and skills up to the required standard, no matter what subject area you’re struggling in, you’ll be able to attain the level you need to progress.
  • Study what you want - a foundation course in the UK will give you the chance to tailor a course to suit your needs. You’ll get to study subject-specific modules as part of a wider programme designed to focus on the areas most useful to your chosen degree.
  • More time to adjust - by taking advantage of an extra two to three years of study on a foundation course before starting a full degree, you will have much more time to settle into daily life in the UK, absorb the culture, and make new friends.
  • Get more university experience - by graduating from a foundation course in the UK, you’ll gain a significant advantage over other international students, entering higher education straight from school, as they won’t be as accustomed to university-style teaching.
Of course the main benefit of successfully completing a foundation course and achieving the necessary grades, will be a guaranteed entry into a university of your choice. If you’re an international student looking to study in the UK, or you need more information about foundation courses in the UK, please contact us at IEC Abroad today to learn more. Our study abroad specialists are here to help you find the ideal university for you.