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Postgraduate Courses In The UK

After any international students have successfully completed an undergraduate degree, they will potentially gain the opportunity to enrol on a postgraduate or Masters course in the UK.

What Is A Postgraduate Course?

A postgraduate or Masters course in the UK generally lasts for one year, as opposed to similar programmes in other countries that can generally last for two years. There is a range of courses available to students who have successfully graduated with an undergraduate degree. Course can be taken for a number of different reasons, from students wanting to further their academic learning, to those wanting to specialise in a certain career path. International students can save time by choosing to take a postgraduate course in the UK, allowing them to begin their chosen careers much quicker with a highly regarded qualification.

What Types Of Postgraduate Courses Are There?

The UK offers a range of postgraduate courses, with the most commonly taken including:

A Pre-Masters course

For international students looking to enhance their English language skills before beginning a postgraduate degree. If your undergraduate degree doesn’t meet the requirements, and your looking for a way to gain a guaranteed entry onto a Masters course, completing a Pre-Masters might be necessary.

A Masters degree

Usually lasting for 1 year, Masters degrees are either taught or research focused. Taught Masters involve students attending weekly seminars, tutorials and lectures. They will be assessed by exams, dissertations or projects, similar to an undergraduate degree. The four main types of taught Masters in the UK are - Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc), Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Engineering (MEng). Research Masters place more responsibility on students in regards to their work and schedule, with their studies being based around a thesis under supervision from an academic. They are similar to PhDs but not as academically demanding with papers being much shorter. They include - the Master of Science (MSc), Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Master of Research (MRes).

The Requirements You Need

Entry requirements for postgraduate study can vary both by course and university, but can often be flexible enough to take into account your personal circumstances and experience for entry. Generally Masters courses are intended for students who have successfully completed a Bachelors degree or other undergraduate course in a relevant subject For international students, you’ll need an overseas qualification of a similar standard, from a recognised higher education institution. Certain language skills and professional experience can also be necessary. The UK’s undergraduate degree grades are usually classified as follows: First Class (1st) - An overall mark of 70%+ Upper Second Class (2.1) - An overall mark of 60%+ Lower Second Class (2.2) - An overall mark of 50%+ Third Class (3rd) - An overall mark of 40%+ Fail - Results from an overall mark below 40% To gain entry into a Masters degree course you’ll normally need an upper second class degree (a '2.1') or its equivalent, although certain universities may accept a lower second class degree (2.2).

How Much Does A Postgraduate Course Cost?

On average, a postgraduate and Masters course in the UK will cost £12,400 for international students. However, postgraduate tuition fees can vary depending on the type of Masters course and where in the UK you’re studying, of course which university you attend will also change the total cost. Remember, postgraduate universities in the UK can often be far less expensive than those in the USA.

The Benefits From Taking A Postgraduate Course

As an international student you’ll be able to take advantage of the numerous benefits from studying a postgraduate course in the UK, including: Gain an internationally recognised qualification that’s held in high esteem by employers. Improve your English language skills and career prospects. Immerse yourself in a multicultural and exciting community of academics and students. Open up the opportunity to earn more over the course of your career. Tailor your study to fit around your schedule. All postgraduate courses in the UK will also offer plenty of support to international students, either through university services or from academic supervisors. So, do wish to join the 400,000 international students from all over the world who come to study in the UK every year? Well you can - and our study abroad specialists can help you enrol at one of the many prestigious universities. Please contact us at IEC Abroad today to learn more.