Why Study In Liverpool?







Universities In Liverpool

There are a number of universities to choose from for international students looking to study in Liverpool. Universities in Liverpool cater for all types of international students. So whether you’re looking to study medicine, performing arts, business or you’re looking for a research led university, you’ll find it in Liverpool.

Population Of Liverpool

Liverpool is a large vibrant city that is considered one of the best student cities in the UK; with around 70,000 students. Liverpool is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the UK, perfect for those international students who wish to study in a big city with lots of people. Liverpool’s population is very diverse and is home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe.

Liverpool's fantastic culture

Liverpool is packed with art galleries, museums and theatres for students to enjoy. Most notable are the Tate Liverpool, The Everyman and The East Village Arts Club. It has beautiful libraries, perfect for international students to study and learn in. Football is a big part of Liverpool’s culture with Liverpool FC and Everton FC being the two rival teams within the city. Music is also a huge part of the city’s history. Arguably the most famous band to ever exist - The Beatles - come from Liverpool. For students who love to shop there is the famous Liverpool ONE shopping centre.

study in Liverpool

Located on the eastern side of the Mersey River in northwest England, Liverpool is one of the more affordable cities to live in within the UK which makes it great for local and international students alike. Despite it being a bustling metropolis, it’s a very green city with lots of parks to enjoy - great for finding a quiet place to study in during the warmer months. It has various landmarks to visit including the iconic Royal Liver Building, Albert Dock and Liverpool Cathedral.

Fun Liverpool facts

  • In 1898, the School of Tropical Medicine opened in Liverpool and was the first in the world of its kind

  • Liverpool has the biggest single collection of Grade One listed buildings outside London

  • Liverpool ONE is the UK’s largest open air shopping centre

  • More than 60 languages are spoken in the city of Liverpool every single day

  • The Calder Stones in South Liverpool are older than Stonehenge